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No Salt Seasoning

No Salt Seasoning

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Try Starlight's No Salt Seasoning to flavor salt-free dishes. There is no reason that people who avoid salt shouldn't enjoy great flavor.  Our No Salt Blend adds a nice, blended flavor that enlivens any dish without using salt.  It's an ingenious blend of onion, garlic, citrus peel, bell pepper, tomato powder, lemon powder and our secret mix of 13 spices that creates a tasty salt-free seasoning, adding character to all types of food. Many salt substitutes on the market utilize artificial additives to simulate the flavor of salt, making them less healthy alternatives. Starlight's salt-free blend uses all natural ingredients, never any artificial or chemical flavorings. Healthy never tasted so good!

Starlight also offers a number of other spice blends that contain no salt at all, and many that are 'low salt' for those who prefer to reduce, rather than eliminate, salt from their diet. To see all of our salt-free products, click on the 'Tagged' drop down menu on the products page, and select 'salt-free'. For low salt products, select 'low-salt' from the same menu.  You will find that we have a wide selection of tasty seasonings with that will add character to your recipes with little or no added salt.

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