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Starlight Herb & Spice Company was founded in the fall of 2000 in rural Star, Idaho.  It quickly blossomed into a thriving business, delivering premium quality products to many of the top chefs and gourmet food shops in southwest Idaho.

In 2004, Starlight began experimenting with various ways of hand harvesting and packing premium quality dried herbs, eventually refining a process which maintains the proper moisture content and preserves the plants’ essential oils. The resulting product is vastly superior to commercial brands in terms of aroma, color, freshness, flavor and shelf-life. Starlight now offers over 120 varieties of premium quality dried herbs & spices. 

Using these premium quality ingredients, Starlight went on to develop a full line of custom rubs and herb blends, a line of spice grinder blends, game and sausage seasonings, and a unique line of culinary gift crates. Recently Starlight introduced a unique line of “Confectionaries”, or flavored sugars, that can be used in baking, making cocktails and as table condiments. Starlight products are now available in many retail locations throughout the northwest, and are shipped to loyal customers across the country.

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