What our customers say...

"I got my order and everything is fantastic as usual!" - Jodi Battisti, Churchville NY

"I just wanted to say thank you for your turkey brine seasoning. I used it for our Thanksgiving turkey and it was the best turkey ever! Everyone loved it. I will make sure to have it on my list of your seasonings to stock in my pantry." Janet Russell, Boise ID

"I just wanted to let you know that [my husband] loved his Valentine's present !!! [Idaho Originals Sampler] He was very impressed with the quality of your product and has already started making plans what he is going to use each of the spices for. He did use the dried tomato/garlic one last night on his food and really enjoyed it. I appreciate the down home quality and time you put in your products with them having nothing but "natural" inside the bottle. I will definitely be ordering again from you." - Melissa Ahren, Dunnellon FL

"We sampled [your salts] at a 5 Star restaurant in San Antonio TX [Hilton Palacio del Rio].  Loved the flavors and just had to order some for myself". -Kandis Hodgkinson, Orange TX

"Just want you to know: thanks to you I have no left-over turkey for snacks.  Your Tasty Turkey Brine made it so moist that the dinner guests ate it all up!!  I'm going to need some more for the holidays.  It was the BEST turkey I ever cooked." - Deanna Sue Adams, Perry UT

"Hello! We used your Hot Hungarian Paprika in a Hungarian mushroom soup recipe, and it makes all the difference. So good!" - Jerimi Paul-Burnside, Boise ID

"I bought your product at a Craft Fair in McCall, Idaho.  Love it!" - Theresa Briones, San Jose CA

"I purchased some of your products at Art on the Green....I'm so impressed I am taking them with me to give to my sisters when we go to Cancun.  One from NY and one from FL - spread the word and put Idaho on the map!" - Mary Dishaw, Rathdrum ID

"I purchased your 'Sample Crate' and a few other goodies....and fell in love with your Herbed Pepper Blend.  Thank for for sharing your expertise & yummies with us!" - Tina Peterson, Couer d'Alene ID

"I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your products are.  My wife and I absolutely love the Mango Chipotle blend.  Just placed our first order with you and now you have fans for life. Thank you for making a great product." - Kody Anderson, Herriman UT

"Received my order yesterday and tried the Orange Pepper Blend on sockeye salmon...it was marvelous!  Thank you." - James Payant, Logan UT

"BTW, your Bloody Mary Magic is wonderful!" - Val Duffy, Boise ID

"I wanted to say to you that I bought some of your turkey brine and:
1- it made my house smell SO yummy, I didn't' want to quit simmering it to put on the turkey and
2- My turkey was delicious because of your brine. 
Thank you for your amazing products." - Dawn Blackstead, Nampa, ID

"I wanted to report back on the turkey brine. It was excellent. I couldn't really taste it when the turkey was hot, but it made it really moist. The big flavor came out when we ate it in a sandwich. You could taste the seasoning then. Really gave it a nice flavor. I used half the container for a 20# turkey. Thanks! " - Julie DeLong, Boise, ID

Ed. note:  We recommend 1/2 tub of brine for a turkey up to 15#, and a whole tub for a larger bird.

"I was introduced to your products by my aunt and loved the few I tried. However, before I order, I wanted to ask if any of your products have any of the following: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), hydrolized soy (or other vegetable) proteins, soy sauce or broth (which contain these items most of the time). I have an allergy to these items. As soon as I know the answers to these questions, I will be placing an order!"- Tracy Turnell-Thomas, Meeteetse, WY

Ed. Note:  Starlight products contain no MSG, soy or other fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives of any kind.

"I need to get some Breakfast Sausage seasoning right away. Kelly, the butcher at Albertson's, told me you have the best there is."-Glenna Crawforth, Boise, ID

"I bought some of the toasted garlic salt at the farmers market in Eagle. We LOVED it and it went quickly (in about two weeks)". - Rebecca Heincrich, Boise, ID

"I love your fennel fusion and your grinders, I will be ordering soon again." - Mike, Bonners Ferry ID

Article:  Handcrafted Culinary Herbs, Spices & Rubs
"Florence has expanded her offerings considerably, and now seems to offer more than McCormick's.  Earlier this year at the Boise Flower & Garden Show, we bought shaker jars of her NO Salt Seasoning and Idaho Mountain Blend ($6.50).  If you're a hunter and like to make your own sausage, she makes 3 oz. tubs to put the spice in Italian or Sicilian Sausage, and even Sage & Savory Sausage. Gift Crates are also available.  All products are grown without chemicals or pesticides."

Idaho Statesman column
"My wife suggested this recipe (for trout).  Put some sliced lemons in the cavity with pepper and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt by the Starlight Herb & Spice Company.  It was pretty tasty and foolproof.  We did the same recipe for a steel head a few weeks ago and both meals turned out perfectly." - Pete Zimowsky, Idaho Statesman, Boise, ID

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the generous gift of the spice mix sample & pot holder.  You were very thoughtful for including a nice gift, and your products are so loved here.  When I come up to visit my brother and his family in Boise I'd like to see your operation and buy more (spices).  I hope you have a fabulous year and I will recommend your products to everyone!" - Nancy Anderson, Boulder, CO

"I visited your booth at Sawtooth Mountain Mamas Festival...... and I have never had spices of this quality.  Little by little I plan to replace all my old grocery store spices and use yours.  I do a lot of cooking and appreciate good spices." - Becky Slattendale, Salmon ID

"I have known Florence and Starlight Herb & Spice Company for many years. I first was introduced to their product line when they were part of the Meridian Farmers Market. I instantly fell in love with the vibrant aromas of each herb or spice I tried. Amazingly, they keep that same aroma even years later.  Even though I have moved to Canada, I will continue to use and promote Starlight's herbs and spices, for they are excellent quality and value. Best wishes in all future endeavors." - Lisa Walters, B.C. Canada

"Thank you so much for your quick and thorough response (to my questions). We have been using your seasonings for years, and buying them as gifts for everyone we know.  I am so glad to hear there is no MSG in your products!  Also, thank you for all the pointers on the salt-free and low salt.  I like the Kitchen Sink Blend so well!!  I use a lot of it. Thanks again, and I look forward to trying even more of your products! I will tell everyone I know that all of your products are MSG free and there are a lot of salt-free and low-salt options. Keep up the great work!" - Jessica Sousa, Boise ID

To Chef Cordel,

"Oh, thank you, thank you!  This is the one!  We bought Starlight's Honey Ham Glaze the day of your demonstration just so I could make this wonderful dish...and here I am asking for help at this time, a few months later.  But the glaze was terrific on our Christmas shank!  I am so grateful and excited to see what your website will include." - Kay Egle, Boise ID

"In Spring of 2006 I met Florence & Ron of Starlight Herb Company.  It was at the Saturday Farmers Market in the beautiful community of Eagle, ID.  I had decided to donate my time to the Market performing culinary demonstrations to feature local products.  A strong alliance soon formed between Starlight and myself, a relationship that continues to this day.  Their commitment to high quality is apparent in each product they offer." - Chef Cordel Knight, Eagle ID