Our Story

On June 1st, 2016, my partner Cindy and I purchased Starlight from Mr. and Mrs. Pharis. Starlight started as a hobby in their backyard and rapidly grew into a business in the 2000's and is currently located in Garden City, Idaho.

After Cindy and I met, we realized we worked well together; we loved Starlight Spices and decided to invest in a joint venture together.

About Us

Cindy is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer. Cindy creates blends for restaurants and other companies as well as our own. She is currently working on a line for SIBO/FODMAP. Cindy has a real talent for blending and can personalize blends to meet anyone’s needs. Her talents include creating rubs and blends for customers such as: Albertsons Market Place-Hatch Chili Blend; The Flats- Sawtooth Mountain and Idaho Huckleberry.

 Her son Tyler, who is on the autism spectrum, helps us in the shop with preparing jars and additional items. Her mother Rogene, also helps by adding labels to our finished jars.

I’m Richard, the CFO, shipper, muscle and major support behind Cindy. Everything we use is sourced from all over the U.S. from places such as: Idaho- Purple Sage Farms; Gilroy California- garlic, Oregon- bay leaves and we seek for independent whole-sellers that deal with organic, natural, chemical and pesticide free ingredients.

If you don’t see something that your heart desires, don’t hesitate to ask if we have it. Cindy has her own special stash of “hard to find” ingredients she holds specifically for Chefs! We have several options at below retail prices for corporations who want to give the gift of spices.

Bottom line, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! We believe very strongly in providing not just good customer service, but GREAT customer service!!

Come try a taste of paradise with Starlight Herb and Spice! Our motto is, “If we can get you to taste it, you’ll love it as much as we do!”


Richard Warren