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Honey Ham Glaze

Honey Ham Glaze

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Nothing makes a baked ham pop more than a traditional honey glaze. Our gluten-free ham glaze is a combination of sugar, honey powder, cloves, and our special blend of spices creates a traditional glaze that gives baked ham its rich, sweet character. Glazing a ham gives it an attractive brown color, enhances the flavor, and keeps the meat from drying out during baking, resulting in a crunchy, sweet crust and juicy interior. Our Honey Ham Glaze can also be mixed with a brown mustard, if desired.

Typically, a baked ham requires about 20 minutes cooking time per pound of meat.  When the ham is about 75% cooked, rub it generously with the glaze.  If you are reheating a previously cooked ham, apply the glaze for the last 20 minutes of warming time. To finish it off, garnish with whole cloves and sweet cherries. As an alternative, the ham can also be garnished with fresh sliced pineapple rings. The result is a sweet, moist ham with that special character that has made baked ham a traditional holiday favorite.

At our house we always cook a large enough ham to be sure we have plenty of leftovers.  Cooked ham stores very well in the fridge or freezer, but can dry out a bit after an extended period of time.  We have found that mixing a couple of tablespoons of our honey ham glaze with a liquid such as pineapple juice or sweet red wine creates a sauce that moistens and flavors the leftovers. 

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