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Introducing our Black Truffle Salt!
Black Truffle Salt combines the distinct taste of black truffles with natural sea salt crystals to create
a rare & delicious flavoring. The pure sea salt intensifies the flavor and aroma of this prized Italian mushroom.  Black truffle salt adds a hint of earthy, mushroom flavor to beef, eggs, potatoes and pasta.
Find it in our online store under Artisan Salts & Peppers.

Our tasty dip mixes are now available here!

Check our online store for the 6 varieties:
Bacon & Onion ~ Chevre Log Blend ~ Curry Crazy
Dynamic Dill ~ Italian Bread Dip ~ Sour Cream & Onion

Introducing 2 new spice rubs!
Harissa: This authentic spicy North African blend is a great rub for grilling meat & fish, can be
added to melted butter to make a sauce for veggies, or mixed with mayo to make a tangy dip.
Sundried Tomato-Garlic Blend: This tasty tomato blend is great on pasta, chicken, fish,
veggies, salads, burgers & sandwiches.  It's also very additive to soups & stews.

It's a great time to try something new, because both new spice rubs are on sale through the end
of February. See the full descriptions at our web store, under 'Rubs & Blends'!

Build your own "Pick 6" Sampler Crate!  CLICK HERE.

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What makes Starlight products "Premium Quality"?

Fresh from the Start
Herbs grown in the fertile Treasure Valley of Idaho are supplemented with the freshest products from certified organic growers, and carefully prepared for our unique "small lot" drying process

Small Lot Drying
Starlight herbs are dried slowly in small convection driers. By reducing the batch size and lowering the temperature, we are able to maintain a higher level of the plants' natural moisture, and capture more of the plants' essential oils. The result is a product that is truly superior to commercial brands in terms of color, aroma, flavor and shelf-life.

Convenient & Attractive Packaging
Starlight's premium dried herbs are packaged in clear glass jars, displaying the exceptional color and quality of the products.  Available in shaker jars or our signature "canister style"  ball jars, which allow easy access with a measuring spoon.  Either way, you'll find our dried herbs are clearly superior to commercial brands.