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A Healthy Diet Doesn't Have to Mean a Tasteless Diet

This time of year many of us are attempting to eat a more healthful diet, whether to shed a few extra holiday pounds, or to simply improve our nutrition and overall health.  While there are certainly an ample supply of diet programs out there to choose from, most will require that we give up some foods we are fond of, or at the very least, change the way that we prepare them.  But the key to sticking with your chosen plan is the ability to make meals appealing and flavorful, without relying on the ingredients that are harmful to our goals.
Typically at the top of the list of "taboo" ingredients are salt and sugar, two of the most widely used seasonings in food preparation.  So how do we give up these two all time favorites without sacrificing flavorful, appealing meals?

Starlight offers over 2 dozen salt-free products that will add flavor and "palate appeal" to your healthy menu.  If you can't envision a world without at least a dash of salt, we offer another dozen low-salt low-salt options. To see all of our salt-free products, click on the 'Tagged' drop down menu on the products page, and select 'salt-free'.  For low salt products, select 'low-salt' from the same menu. We also have dozens of sugar-free products to choose from. Just select 'sugar-free' from the drop down menu to see our large selection of sugar-free options. You will find that we have many tasty seasonings with that will add character to your recipes without these two diet busters.  See the featured products below - some of our most popular salt-free or sugar-free products.

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